Very nice, ezarim is incredibly catchy! Production is top notch and sounds very professional. Was this a home studio recording or actual studio work? Not much to crit here, sounds very full and the solo fits nice. Very good guitar tone, and nice note choice, not over flashy, and a nice combination of modern licks and blues phrases! The little break and the extended choruses end it just right!

The second song has the same feel, quite a nice mastering going on. I love the arrangement on this one, very natural yet very full. Great pop rock sound, instant likeable. Your singers voice fits this quite well, and his singing style sounds very flowing! Solo guitar tone is very good, and the phrasing is very fitting, again, not too flashy yet melodic! The rocking outro fits quite nice, big end with the wah solo and the little riff in there!

The third song has a little smashing pumpkins feel at the start, but that fades with the singers voice, since they don´t sound a single bit alike. Love the chorus progression, especially in the second half of it! Re-intro fits quite well, with the little piano bits in it! Verse & Chorus are quite nice, and I love the new break with the little guitars. The unisono kick really spices the tune up, and this solo is maybe the flashiest one, yet still very melodic. The break down chorus now is a nice alternative and fits well into the real one afterwards. The outro ends the song the way it has started!

Overall, very professional and good work! Not really much to crit in here, other than you might want to have a little more variety, since all the songs sound the same to a little extent. It is not as noticeable with this 3 songs, but I think on a full CD, this might throw off some listeners. But a ballad or 2 could change this up quite nicely!

if you want, you can take a look at my album here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1357180
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What great recordings. Awesome man.

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