I've just again tried to contact TC Ellis in the hope of getting a quote on a custom guitar..

This is the third time i've tried (the other two being months ago) with no success!

This isn't really good for TC Ellis because they've lost out on quite a lot of money by (presumably) ignoring my emails...

Any idea why?

Anyone else have this problem?

Can anyone vouch for them or tell me the rough prices of their customs?

Thanks and if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it.


ring them during their open hours?

i know somebody in the ERG thread got a quote of £700

for a 7 String Mahogany RG style guitar with BKPs in it....

So not too pricy.

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Wow, that is a good price.. Yeah I think ringing them may be better - but the thing is I intended to show pics - I guess I could always ask them to email me first or something..

If they're similar to the prices you said - I don't mind waiting :P


ring them,

discuss it with them and then they will ask for you to email them the pictures, they state on their website somewhere its best to ring iirc

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
Ring them, have an email ready, ask them if they can check their email for the pictures then ask them to email a quote back when they can.
You must understand that they're extremely busy with a very small workforce and they put so much effort into making their guitars great.
Ahh alright thanks, I'll give it a go and if it happens expect an epic ngd