What I'm currently trying to do is split the input jack on my amp into two, with one going to my mp3 player for backing and the other to my guitar.

I used a Stereo 6.5mm to 2x 6.5mm adapter and plugged it into the input. Then I plugged my Mono 6.5m guitar lead into one of the jacks and a 3.5mm Stereo lead with a Stereo 6.5mm adapter into the other jack. The other end of the 3.5mm goes to my mp3 player.

Whenever I play the backing track it cuts my guitar completely off so that there is no output from the guitar. I'm not sure what's going on but I need this to work as I can't carry two amps to my exam, which is in a months time. Help.
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what amp is this on?

i dont completely understand your methods, but i do know that guitar amps are not made to process and amplify the signal of recordings, and have heard that it might be able to damage your amp or speakers, but am not sure.

wait for somebody who knows a little bit more about the potentail damage than me, it has just been somthing that i have heard, and not completely confirmed.
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you should probably still not do that. your backing tracks are going to get distorted through the amp even if you could make it work. wear headphones?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I tried it at shop I bought it from and it worked, even with distortion on, it didn't really affect the backing track. But some how I can't get it to work at home. I can wear headphones in practice but in my exam it wouldn't possible.
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Yes. A CD player. Or a PC.
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