why do I get the feeling you are advertising? When i see "free" in capital letters it must be a sales pitch.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
UG also has great content, lessons, etc.
...and it's also FREE

I'm just saying...
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why do I get the feeling you are advertising? When i see "free" in capital letters it must be a sales pitch.


nope, no angle, noone is asking for a penny

and UG doesnt (to my knowledge) have tuition content from Derryl Gabel, Martin Goulding, Jack Gardiner etc etc

and im certain it doesnt have that lane transcription as i spent a LONG time doing it

im going off the internet atm, you work and work and work on something and people always think you want something!
Thank you for sharing! I just checked out the site, and it seems pretty legit. I haven't had a chance to actually see the lessons though, since the whole magazinge is about 360mb, but I'll be sure to check it out later.
Yeah, you can download it thats the best way to view it

because we embedded audio and video into the pages its a HUGE file

but that means that when you look at derryls column, you can WATCH derryl play it

or when you see an add for johnny highland theres video of him ripping

hopefully we will find a way of allowing it to stream faster
wow over 300Mb is the biggest size i've ever seen for a document!

i don't think embedding the videos in the file is that great of an idea, since i doubt i'll be watching all of the videos. it just seems a waste of space. i think you should link to the videos instead. with audio, you might get away with it if you keep the file sizes small.

i didn't read it, since the file size put me off downloading it.
The only way to keep this a free project is to break new ground by having video in the document

this means vendors dont just have to put up an add for a new pedal, instead you can click on a video and actually SEE and HEAR it. You are right though, the file is huge, definitely need to find a way of reducing the size

you dont need to download it though, you can stream it online, unfortunately (again due to size) it takes a while to load
Thanks for the feedback though

would you be more tempted to download a large file is the content was "better" say a 15 min exclusive tuition video from your favourite player?

we are also planning on splitting the magazine so you can download the part you want. Interviews, Reviews, Tuition etc
Hi Jason Macedo here my magazine will always be free.I am work out better way to get it to everyone faster Thanks for all the feedback and hope you guys like it.The Sound ( Jason Macedo)