I've been thinking about getting a multi effects pedal, a one that offers :

-USB connection so I can connect it to the comp and record\play.
-Reliability for live playing too.

Obviously I first thought about the Pod X3, but here in Israel I can't find it anywhere.. Not even used, so it's out of my reach.

I found a Pod 2.0 though, but I'm not sure if it comes with a foot pedal..
I also heard about Zoom G2.1u but I heard that it gets pretty uselss after a while,
And I also heard about DigiTech RP255, I don't know much about it though.

My budget is 330$, I can stretch to 380$ but I'd really rather save as much as possible and keep the price down.
I can't save more as I don't work yet.

Can anyone recommend one of them, or another one ?
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I'd rather first check out any other recommendations, so I'll be able to actually try them before I buy
I have a Digitech RP-355, and it is pretty good at some things, and terrible about others. Recording is good if you use clean sounds. Distortion sounds awful. But I can get great clean sounds out of it. I wouldn't use a multi effects live, myself.
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ME-25 is worth a look, comes with recording software and it looks like the best usb interface I've seen.

I have an ME-20 and there isn't half as many things it can do, for about £30 more I could have upgraded!

Have a look on youtube for it, hope this helps!