Quick question here, my friend has a Mesa Boogie V Twin Pre Amp pedal, I was wondering if it is safe to plug it into the input of a guitar head using the power amp output? What is the difference in using the regular 'guitar amp' output as opposed to the 'power amp'? We tried it briefly and it sounded aboslutely awesome, but neither of us are sure if it is safe or good for the head so we changed it back to using the regular output.

Thanks in advance
You mean plugging it into the FX Loop return? Its the same thing anyway (Power amp in and FX Loop return)
That will be completely fine. Using the guitar input would run it through the amps preamp too.
The V-Twin actually has 3 outputs, if you're running it into the power amp, use the To Power Amp output on the V-Twin.
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I think you misunderstood slightly. What we tried was using the power amp output on the v-twin, into the guitar input on the front of the head. Is this ok? Or is it best to use the 'to guitar amp' output on the v-twin when plugging directly intp the front of an amp.

Thanks for clearing up that power amp in and fx loop return are the same thing though, I had no idea about that to be honest.
Ah, ok. In that case, you'd be better off to use the To Guitar Output. Either way it wont damage anything.