I have a gig tonight and was wondering whether to change my strings for it. They havent been done in a while but I was wondering if I should keep the pack as spares incase one breaks tonight.

Any thoughts?
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Ideally, you should change your strings and have some spares, but if that can't be done, I'd leave it, or if you want, you could change the bottom three (thickest) strings because they're unlikely to break.
Always keep spares at a gig, that's the most important thing. The second most important thing regarding string change is to change them at least once a month if you gig regularly. I change mine about once every two weeks. New strings don't just feel better, they also improve your tone.
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No, I wouldn't change them if your gig is tonight. There's a chance they'll still be stretching, and you do not want that at a gig.

Besides that, most strings don't sound very good as soon as you put them on, you want to break them in for a day or two. I'd leave the ones you have already on on. Bring the extra pack just in case, but you'll probably be fine.

Then in the future make sure you put new strings on at least a day in advance.

All imo of course.
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^ I agree with that. I would leave you old ones on this time, and have a spare pack just in case. Sometimes it does take a while to break in strings, so stretching during a gig wouldn't be a good thing.
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My opinion. Strings are good when they are new, but at their best when theyve been played for maby an hour.

For a gig, Id bring a backup guitar AND a set of strings. Its good to take a knowledgeable friend with you, (if possible) so if a string breaks (or other shit happens), change to your backup guitar while youre nice friend replaces the string(s). After that I suggest you buy him a beer/soda to thank