Is this your first guitar? It's a Made In Mexico model, which isn't a bad thing, but they're considered by most to be somewhat inferior to the American models. Not sure how the price translates to USD, but I'd definitely be looking at that factor pretty close. No need to overpay for an auction guitar. Also, looks like some of the hardware is a little "aged". Some people like the rusty hardware look. One thing I didn't see was a picture of the neck closer to the headstock. The only close-up photo of the neck was near the body. Most of the time, guys leave the higher frets alone and only play close to the headstock, which results in more wear in that area.
I had some no name guitar, but its not good anymore. Id like to get something better for beginners...
Just did a little looking on the Musician's Friend site. Found this guitar, which appears to be the same thing.


It sells for $499 USD and it's made in Mexico. The black one is identical to the one in your auction link. It's a lower end Fender, but still a decent guitar for the money. As long as there's no considerable fret wear and the price is less than $499 USD, I'd go for it.
The only thing that piqued my interest is that the tip on the tremolo arm is black. They're available as an aftermarket upgrade, but this says its new, and the 5-way switch still has a white one.

Other than that, it looks okay from the pictures given.
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Yea it says new but in the pics its obviously been used quite a bit, it looks like a demo or floor model.
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Which is exactly why I'd want to see pics of the frets near the headstock. They conveniently didn't post those pictures.
Thanks for posts guys. By the way, what guitar would you recommned to me for playing rock and metal music???
That guitar will work fine for rock and it will do metal depending on your amplifier. It's not really meant for deathcore or ridiculously high gain metal though. I think MIM strats are some of the best guitars for their price.

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