Ok so I started learning the guitar 6 months back and have pretty much learned all the basics. A week back I thought of learning Clapton's Layla-the unplugged version on my acoustic. I started and so far I have only learnt the intro and can play it slowly. I was wondering if i should go on or learn an easier song.
I know u guys will tell me to practice and stuff but i've seen the covers on youtube and dunno if i can move my fingers that fast. And even if i do i may take MONTHS just to learn one song!! So should I?
And if u think i should stop please recommend any other song
K thnx bai
if you want to learn it, practice it and learn it. The song isn't THAT difficult but it may be difficult for a fresh player. Keep playing.
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Well I can tell you that if you've been playing for 6 months (Without any 1 month breaks or so), it should be that big of a deal.

Here's the thing, you may try it for the first time and think your so far from it being close to the real thing but as said by many, you need to practise it.
ALTHOUGH, may I point out that when I say practise, I say actually putting some good time into it, like a full hour or so trying to put it off non-stop or so.
You may feel it being a big boring or so, but after every few tries you will notice you've gone a step higher and managed to do X part a bit faster or so, and you do that for a couple of days or so, and then you'll find it quite easier and later on your playing it without actually thinking about the notes. It'll kinda come naturally in the way that if you were to try and tell other people the notes for it, you'd actually have to play it and see what your hands are doing then explaining.

So in a nutshell, if you really want to learn something, and do it in a short period, practising several hours per day will be a huge help and with every song after that, learning will come faster, your speed will flow easier and slowly it'll start showing that practising isn't that boring anymore.