hello everyone,

i've been playing guitar for nearly 2 years now and i've been using a internet-branded 'gear4music' strat, which has been ok to learn on, but its starting to die now, (decreased volume ect..).

So im looking for a new guitar, budget is £250, i play covers to bon jovi, pink floyd, and similar, i've been looking at the squier vibe strat's , could anyone recommend anything better for the budget?


oops, just realised i posted in the wrong forum, could mod move it to guitar gear plz
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have a look at vintage guitars the compnay not the type, they have a few in your budget and have had pretty good reviews
I have a squier classic vibe tele and really like it.

Most people would agree that it's a good guitar for the price
yeah, squier makes some good guitars.
the frontman in my band has one and he loves it!
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Maybe check out the brand Agile, it's ship only internet based but I have herd only really good things and they have some pretty sweet guitars for the pricing.
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