Well yesterday I was listening to a Peruvian funk band called Big Pollo Funk and well, their bassist kicked ass, tone and technique-wise. So I checked their Facebook page to look at some photos to find out what bass he used and this is what I found:

And well, it's a Jazz bass I guess, but that's about all I know, any help identifyin the bass guys?

EDIT: Here's their Myspace Page. Check out El Cañon and Suban el volumen (which has an AWESOME bass solo).
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im not good at this type of stuff but i think its a Precision bass. im probably wrong but what the hell!

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It's definitely a Lakland of some sort. It's easy to tell from the bridge. Dunno what the exact model is though
It's either a 55-60 or a Joe Osbourne 5 string with Nordstrand Fat Stacks replacing the single coils.
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It's either a 55-60 or a Joe Osbourne 5 string with Bartolini Mk1 replacing the single coils.

This, it's a Lakland 55-60 with Bart pickups. It's probably a 55-60 Custom since it has what looks like a bound neck with block inlays.
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^ Nope nope nope....They look to me like they have exposed pole pieces so they're definitely not barts. My best guess would be Nordstrand's
I can't tell if those are polepieces or if its just an illusion of the camera. Either way, its some variety of 55-60 Custom with aftermarket/alternate pups
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Can't see any pole pieces. Those are definetly Barts.
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