i recently bought new strings. after i bought a bridge peg i went home to find it was to small. i use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the pegs out. i ended up putting tape around 4 pegs so they would stay in. am i damaging my bridge, making the holes bigger? its my second time doing this... also excuse my guitar terminology
what happened to your old pegs?
how did you remove the strings ?did you loosen them first?
i lost one peg so i had to replace it. the others are the same ones that came with the guitar, but 3 of them don't fit correctly anymore as if the hole has expanded.
yes i loosened the strings first
same thing happened to me.
1. yes the holes expanded (probably when we pried the pegs out to replace the strings)
2. NOT damaging to the bridge/guitar

Instead of taping the pegs down, I just took itsy-bitsy pieces of paper, folded them up until they were hard, and put them in with the pegs so that they would stay in (A lot less noticeable than taping them down).
i didnt tape them down, i rapped the tape around the peg then cut it where the strings go, if that makes sense
@ brenton,
There's only a couple of options for you to fix the guitar the right way. The first and cheapest is to get oversize pegs for the guitar. Not all bridge pins are created equally. There's different tapers, widths, lengths, some have slots while others are unslotted.
The other option which is more expensive is to have the holes in the bridge filled then redrilled and routed back to their original taper, then you could continue to use your original bridge pins.
Actually, there's the third option, and that would be to continue to do what you are doing now, using tape on the pins to take up the slack. It's not the right way of doing it by a long shot, but get's the job done for now I guess. I'd be wary of what kind of tape though, as you don't want any glue from the tape getting all over inside the bridge holes.
Bob Colosi's site has a big assortment of bridge pins available and a guide on how to properly measure them should you decide on the first option.