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And bass-wise?

Actually I think you can find both my dream tones (guitar and bass) in Sweating Bullets by Megadeth. Also worth mentioning (bass-wise, since I'm a bassist) Tim Commerford's (Rage Against the Machine) tone on Bullet in the Head, or Justin Chancellor's (Tool) tone on Jambi.

What about you?
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BIll Steer of Carcass for guitar wise in the song, Blind Bleeding The Blind. (i highly recommend it!)


Lena Abe of My Dying Bride for bass wise Echoes From A Hollow Soul is the song
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I'd have to say from a guitar amp the first time I heard the Fireball 100W I damn well near had a mental orgasm and one in my pants. In terms of bands..Dark Angel. Their tone is so ****ing saturated with distortion and the scooped mids makes me wanna ****ing jizz all over the place, ESPECIALLY when you hear them live.

Bass wise? Eh..DiGiorgio stuff really.
Brown sound, by far.
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the tone misha mansoor has on the guitars in all new materials.
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Loveless, being one.

Another is Burzum's Filosofem
Also the oldschool Swedish DM tone
My tone


Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack
Pretty much every grind/crust punk band

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I love Jon Schaffer's tone in Iced Earth, especially the Framing Armageddon album. I'm also very fond of The Deil Wears Prada's tone, despite the hate they get I enjoy them, and especially the tone on With Roots Above And Branches Below.
best bass tone? The Pot by Tool.
best guitar tone? between Colony of Birchmen by Mastodon and Perfect Weapon by Black Veil Brides.
Soloing I'd easily say David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler's Les Paul.
Rhythm wise I'd say Izzy Stradlin'
Guthrie Govan, really nice tone he has with those Cornford amps. Not the best i've heard but it comes to mind.
Any Fuzzy stoner rock/metal tone. More specifically Matt Bellamy's Fuzz Factory tone.

Oh also, Josh Homme's fuzzy octave sound.
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Bass sound Definetly Tool on 10.000 Days

and Yeah Carcass on Choice Cuts and Heartwork for guitar
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Josh Homme's tone in his live Spinning in the Daffodils extended intro... So good. Also Dean Fertita's tone in Dead Weather on his guitars, but also on some other sh*t he plays. Never noticed bass tone as much because I'm fairly new to the gear side of things, but I love Roger Waters bass tone in Live In Pompeii.

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I'm partial to Dan Auerbach and Thomas Erak.
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It depends, because i have a wide variety in taste. For like cleaner stuff or rock it's John Frusciante, it's really basic and i'm sure half his tone is in how he plays, but i love it. If its distorted hard rock tone i'm a big fan of Slash's tone, not too clean but not overly distorted either. For metal? I don't know.. I'd say Zakk Wylde but his tone changes every 2 weeks for better or worse. Really like the bassy crunch of Machine Head though
The lead tone at 5:20
I want it
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When the electric comes in that's some awesome tone. I love teles.

Dream Evil's Book of Heavy Metal album has some awesome rhythm tone.

Not sure about my favorite bass tone and I'm a bassist.
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Tom delonge's in Take of your pants and jacket.
Really like the springy sound of it.

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Brian May. No contest whatsover. David Gilmour is second but Brian's tone just makes me...
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For guitar:

- Baroness's Blue Record (whole album)
- Converge's No Heroes and Axe to Fall (whole albums)
- The Fall of Troy's Doppelganger (whole album)
- Gojira's From Mars to Sirius (more specifically Ocean Planet and From Mars)
- Mastodon's Leviathan (whole album)

I could go on but I'll stop it there.

For bass... I dunno:

- Gallows' Orchestra of Wolves
- Primus's Lacquer Head, My Name is Mud, etc.
- QOTSA's Mexicola
Are we talking live??

As I Lay Dying
Rob Zombie

They take the cake.

Album wise
Every Time I Die

Really good tone on records IMO!
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For metal? I don't know.. I'd say Zakk Wylde but his tone changes every 2 weeks for better or worse. Really like the bassy crunch of Machine Head though

His tone in Pride and Glory was his best ever.
I've gotta say Gilmour. Seriously, Comfortably Numb makes me rock hard.

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Intro to Eriatarka by The Mars Volta. It combines my love of echoes, delays, and ring modulator. Makes me perfectly happy. I think there is also some kind of filter in there, but I'm not positive.
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Gotta go the fanboy route here... David Gilmour's tone when he plays the Mother solo. That sound is from beyond heaven.

A very close second has got to be For the Love of God by Stave Vai. That song sends shivers down my spine every time.
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Joe Lally - Waiting Room (Fugazi)
Bruce Foxton - Down in the tube station at midnight (The Jam)

Keith Richards - Gimmie Shelter (The Rolling Stones)
Joe Santiago- Crackity Jones (Pixies)
Best tone on an electric guitar that I have ever heard must be the intro to La Vereda De La Puerta De Atrás of Extremoduro (Check it out, dudes) and acoustic will be Wish You Were Here (we all know who´s that is) and bass tone I gotta say Smoke On The Water.
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eric johnson....
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I have a couple. Defiantly Born of Osiris and the Ghost Inside. I'm a huge rhythm freak, and I love the tone their guitarists have. I remember I used to have the biggest boner for Lamb of God's guitar tone.
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