You've got the chance to become the person who wrote it, do you take it?
You won't get any of the pre-existing royalties from the song and it will only be as famous as any of your other songs, the only bonus is that you'll have the satisfaction of being the artist behind it. Any effects the song has had on the world of music (Think Stairway, Smells Like Teen Spirit) will also be gone.
So do you do it?

No because no-one would ever hear it. What'd be the point?
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I've often wished I could go back in time and publish all the music I love and be known as "teh best musician evar" for around 20 years (cause after that people would start calling me overrated). But then I figured, I wouldn't really wanna screw up my heroes like that, so:
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No. Having someone to look up to pretty much fuels my desire to practice and get better at my instrument.
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No way considering my favorite song is Cars by Gary Numan.
He's weird.

Besides, then I wouldn't like it as much.
I never like my original songs as much as other peoples.
No..my songs are my life experience,I wouldn't take someone else's life,to put it that way.
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No way. I tend to think poorly of my own songs.

That's why I don't write much aside from riffs and mad -core breakdowns.
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No, because after writing something i would never be able to appreciate it as fully as if someone else wrote it. The mystery behind it's origins and picking up on little parts you've missed before is my favourite part of music.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

So to answer the question, no

Knowing all these little details everywhere in the song, knowing that I wrote them. That would be worth it.
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It's not worth it if no one is going to listen to it, I wont know it will be good because it is not famous.
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What would be the point?
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What would be the point?

The satisfaction of knowing you wrote a brilliant song, which IMO is the point of writing in the first place. Personally I wouldn't do it, I just wanted to see what The Pit thought.

no, this is fucked, i hate all of my work, meaning my favorite song would then become my least favorite song.