Yeah... So anyway, SRV is my favourite guitarist, but I'd never actually tried playing anything by him. Don't get me wrong, I can play blues, and improvise and stuff, but I just hadn't tried anything by him. One day, I figured I'd give it a shot, and went to try Pride and Joy, only to find out it's probably the most difficult thing to get sounding somewhat bearable I've ever tried. Can anyone help me out on how to get this guy's sound/techniques for playing those kinds of shuffle riffs? Thanks.
You should start out with Cold Shot and Life By The Drop. Both are pretty simple for SRV songs. Pride And Joy is a bitch to get right.
i tried pride and joy last year sometime and was blown away by how hard the shuffle was to get right. i only came back to it a couple of months ago with any determination.
practice doing the shuffle without hitting any notes just mute and unmute in time with the song to get that percusive sound.
after i got the rhythm of it down i slowly started getting the notes into it.
check out stevie snacks on youtube, i got most of the song from his lessons.