Hey guys, so we havce two lead vocals in the band. I sing the majority and our bass player sings here and there. He has a very high pitched voice and he yells and raps and stuff. We have got mixed reactions of his voice. What do you guys think? www.myspace.com/onedaytakeback listen to the song "watch ya feeling" he sings the echoed parts. Don't get it confused with me haha he is very squeaky haha
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I like the instrumental, but I don't like the backup singing, it takes away from the band...
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Personally, I think he has a rare voice that can add a character to your band that other people don't.

That being said, I think he needs to work with it a little more to control his voice.
Hopefully you get what I'm saying.
Looooooooooooooooooool hahahahahahaha, you sing pretty good! but this guy sounds like a 9 year old kid singing, seriously, shut him up!

Edit: I'm not in this type of music, but your band is actually very good... Reminds me of The Knack, and some old rock n roll with some punkish stuff, pretty cool.





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It's so stupid sounding man. It was funny at first, but then I realized this guy is supposed to be actually trying and it absolutely KILLED the song for me. You guys will be monumentally better.

Sounds like a kids show where the big brother gets in trouble for not being nice to his little brother and his parents force him to let his little brother sing in the band. He sounds retarded to be honest. I hope to god that's not close to his real voice.
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Looooooooooooooooooool hahahahahahaha, you sing pretty good! but this guy sounds like a 9 year old kid singing, seriously, shut him up!


His voice control isn't very good. He makes your songs sounds like parodies of themselves, like those stupid "Chipmunk versions" on Youtube.
I actually almost like it, in a weird way. I think his raspy voice kinda compliments the lead singer's, and if you guys sang at the same time, it'd sound really cool.
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Hmm. I really liked the part where he said "Shut Up". Besides that, he shouldn't really be singing lead. Ever. I think it provides a great harmony, but when he isn't singing backup or as a response, it's kinda weak. I wouldn't listen to a song with him as the lead singer, but I've listened to songs that vocally sounded much worse. In your song "Dig It" those "Da, da, da, da, *intelligible*" Sold it for me though. He needs to do more stuff like that and I'd buy it.
Honestly, good song, good lead vocals, but it sounded like the backing vocalist was actively mocking your vocals, he definitely needs to stop singing, I know I wouldn't let a bandmate/anyone I vaguely care about embarrass themselves by singing in that voice.
Yeah... just no. Microphones everywhere need to take out a 500 yd restraining order against that guy for their own safety.
I wasn't going to comment on this but of course I read the comments and couldn't resist a listen. You need his voice, it lifts the songs beyond the ordinary. The contrast gives you real texture and character and the opportunity for interplay and lends an ironic humour to your songs. Go for it. You really don't need to sound like everyone else.
The back up singer's voice provides a "contrast" to the lead. Your type of music really begs not to be taken seriously to start with (this is a good thing in my opinion), it feels more like "drink a frosty beverage and dance around" type of mood. The back up vocal supports this. If you had two vocalists with basic voice stylings, the song would be uninteresting and just more of the same old, same old.

But it's not something to be used in every song you do, it could get tiresome very quickly at a show.
The question really is:

Do YOU, want a bad Cartman impersinator in the band while the rest is actually quite allright?
It sounds like those novelty songs in the late 80s/early 90s where there was a famous artist who paired up with a cartoon character.

If he wants to sing, why doesn't he just sing? That voice makes me think that you're doing a duet with a sock puppet.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I kinda like it. In some spots it's a little over the top, but in a lot of spots I feel like it adds something legit to the song.
Liked it... in the song you mentioned..
In sunshine he had a longer stint on his own which sounded nasty..

But I like his voice for backing it deffinatley adds character. He sooo doesn't sound like Cartman.
Yeah I like a little bit of it but him singing that much in the songs starts to bug me. Maybe tone down his parts in songs?
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He tries way too hard and sounds like shit. There are parts when he does ok and his voice compliments yours very well, but most of the time he really takes away from the sound.
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Your vocals are amazing. It completely reminds me of Bradley Nowell. You guys are awesome, seriously. I would buy your music.

As for your bass player, his work most of the time. Its a really distinctive voice, there are some parts where he sings where it sounds kind of out of place, but most of the time I like it. I say keep his voice. edit: unless im confused, does he sing in Sunshine too?

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i dig it
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The song is good and so are your vocals....but the other guy reminds me of Cartman from South Park. I would scratch his vocals and focus more on yours.
I've always liked a lot of bands where the singers turn a lot of people off -violent femmes, johnny hobo,etc.- but this guy sorta irks me. I think if he worked on it some more and could control it better it could be really well done, as is though use him sparingly.
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I think it works well. It matches that kind of "whiny" punk sound that came out of Southern California in the late 90's. Like Blink-182 and No Doubt.

Also, I listened to some of your other songs and I actually think that other guy contributed a lot to "Good Intentions/Bad Inventions"

(Just so you know: I am not a metalhead or anything. I listen to your kind of music all the time, and you guys are pretty good.)