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Yes, nice one mate.
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No, she's laughing about you right now.
1 100%
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Hello chaps, today during the afternoon, already on my way back home, i saw this stunning girl (if you manly men want it on a scale, i don't know, but she's close to 10).
Needless to point out, but i was baffled by her, my friend insisted that i asked for her number, and for the first time ever i did. I still can't understand why, i mean, I'm no Brad Pitt and I'm well aware of that, but she said yes and gave me her number.

Now, what do you fellow pit colleges think, will she answer me, or will she ignore/gave me a non-existing number ?
You're the best nipple on UG dude. Of course she's gonna respond.

(I dunno. Only one way to find out eh?)


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