So yeah, I have prettyyy skinny arms, and I really want to put a bit of weight on them. I don't care about them getting extremely big, I just don't want them to be as extremely thin as they are now. How long should it take for me to able to put some weight on them?
Also, what's the best to put weight on them? I don't have access to any weights, but I'm willing to do any other exercise that doesn't involve equipment.
Any help?
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Sending a dummy to my God.

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Sending a dummy to my God.
Take it to the Nutrition and Excercise thread!

Also, so I don't seem like a complete dick. For exercise without weights/whatever, try the 100 push-ups program. I've just finished week 2 and it's working nicely.


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Pushups, bench presses (on your bed or a chair etc), maybe even lifting an amp or something?
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Chin ups and push ups.
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