Well I have to record a Ska part on one song, but I REALLY don't know which amp should be used... Please would you mention some good amps that will be good for ska?

Also, I have access to a MIM Standard Telecaster, a Telecaster Deluxe (The one with a humbucker on the neck and a single coil on the bridge), Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe (Coil Tap Enabled), Epiphone Les Paul Prephecy GX (Coil Tap enabled) and a 70 something Fender Mustang (Vintage shizzle). Which would you sugest i use?

Thanks dudes (:
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My two favorite ska guitarists use Rectifiers. Thomas Kalnoky uses a single, and Chris from LTJ uses a triple. I love both of their tones. Basically anything where you can turn it up a bit and still stay clean will work.

As for guitar, it depends on what you're going for. I personally like to hit my coil-split during ska parts just to emphasize the brightness. I'd be interested in trying the Les Paul with the coiltap.
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Any good clean amps will do, but I really like an AC30 for that type of sound.
I really love the Fender blackfaces.
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You're gonna want something with decent high end!

I played/play (not sure if I'm permanent yet...) in a ska band and did a few gigs recently and the rhythm guitarist (knows his ska tone!) was using a Fender amp of some kind, fairly certain it was a blackface, sounded amazing, managed to have a great sounding low end, but still had that accented high end, was great.

If I were to get an amp for ska and ska alone I'd probably go for a Fender amp using a guitar with a single coil in the bridge (at the least!) or maybe an AC30.
Any amp with decent cleans which can still get nicely driven with a bit of hard playing should do the job nicely.
Awesome, thank you a lot! Now... Is there something I should take in account when I set up the amp? Any particular EQ?
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Awesome, thank you a lot! Now... Is there something I should take in account when I set up the amp? Any particular EQ?

Mids down if you want that classic, juicy ska tone. Treble past noon but not too high or it will sound icepicky. Bass at noonish.
I'd actually suggest relatively high mids.
Well...on a dial of 1-10 about 5-7 gets a pretty full sound.
Treble and bass all depends on the guitar/amp. WHen doing ska I find myself turning my treble down to 3-4 and my bass up to 7-8. But generally you want a nice amount of treble to play with, but also don't skimp on the bass!
Fender Silverfaces and Roland JC120s are great for Ska cleans. Brad Nowell used a JC for his cleans.

I'd go for the Mustang, guitar wise.
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