Read Sig. Its a very good wah.

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Here are some good sites to get people stared on modding their wahs if they've never modded a pedal before. Stinkfoot is probably the best one, as it lists everything from true bypass to vocal mods. some are for the GCB, some are for the V847.

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i have a dunlop slash crybaby, and while i am not a fan of slash at all i have to hand it to him, he knows how to pick his wah wahs haha
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Best wah mod ever; absolutely necessary for a good wah?
TruBypass Mod
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EBS Stanley Clarke Sig Bass wah, best in the world =) (besides a wahwah it's an volume and even and envelop filter ^^)
I have a 535q its pretty good. Want to mod it but so far havent found any mods for it.
First page.

Also, I have a Zakk Wylde Crybaby Wah and despite what I've heard, it's a very good wah.
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I'm thinking of getting a Slash Crybaby when i can afford it, simply because i like the sound of Slash's wah.
Has anyone had any experiences with it they can share?
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I´ve got a Morley Classic Wah. It´s very priceworthy and durable, though its kind of over-sensitive on the trebly side.

But definitly worth checking out!
Got a MXR/CAE mc-404 wah..
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