Well from the description, I gather that it has a coil tap, so I'd guess an EMG90TW? I think that's the bridge EMG for coil tapping. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I can't even see the EMG logo on the pickups.

As far as the bridge, there aren't a whole lot of details. He didn't specify OFR, which is usually a heads up, but he also doesn't give out details all around. Not sure on it. It doesn't appear to have the same screws/fine tuner setup as most, either. And it doesn't say Floyd Rose anywhere that I can see.
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That trem doesn't even moderately resemble any FR I've seen. The pickups look like EMG selects to me, on the last photo you can vaugely see some of the logo remaining (unless those are just scratches). But EMG selects cant be split correct? So I really have no clue
It says MFG FLOYD ROSE PATENTS. I guess thats licensed. But im pretty sure this guy doesn't know much about guitars. I'm guessing when he says it can switch from humbucker to single coil he means it just has a pickup selector switch.