Your vibrato and bending needs some work.
Especially the vibrato.

I didn't like the tapping lick at the first fast part either.

The rest was great :3
^Agree on everything.

Also you were off rhythm a lot during the solo, which was really distracting.

With the bends, specifically, during the part where Zakk bends at the 15th fret on the e string, you were underbending there.

Did you practice to a metronome?
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thanks guys

yeah i agree

i kno theres still a lot of work to do

about the timing
i blame audacity

for some reason it just records my track a little faster than i play it

i tried to fix it later by splitting my recorded track and trying to put every peace in place, but you can still hear the wrong timing

if id have a better camera, you would see that my fingers are moving in time