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peavey 6505+ 112
18 67%
bugera 6262 2x12
9 33%
Voters: 27.
hey guys

i was set on buying the peavey 6505+ 112, when i came across the bugera 6262 2x12 which is only about £20 cheap but has that extra speaker, so which one would you guys recommend?

tonewise which would be closer to early in flames, dark tranquillity etc?

p.s. £500 budget
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this has been discussed dozens of times. use the search bar.

the verdict has always been (between the half stacks) get the peavey if you can afford it or the bugera if you want the tone but dont want to spend US$2500
Get the peavey if you wanna buy the name, get the bugera if you want 2x12's.

I have two bugeras (love them) and am kinda wanting another.... either a tri rec or a magician when they come out.
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both are made in china.

6505+112 is still new and i like its tone. Wait time not sure of.
6262 212 will be heavier and have good tone too. Wait time not sure of.

If you gig and need cleaner stuff with reverb the Bugera would be something to look at. Inspect and follow warranty info just like any amp.