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im just interested really... i havnt broken one in about 3 years so when was the last time you broke one?


just so you know before you post... it is sods law that you will break a string very soon lol
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i hadn't broken a string since i started playing.... and then at band practice one day it snapped, and because i never broke strings, i didn't have any extras. sucked bad
Hmm. About a year and a half, even then it was only with a cruddy nylon string guitar which I probably didn't string correctly in the first place.

Sods law, string breaks only occur on stage.
My first string breakage was during the Unforgiven solo a few weeks ago. First one in 2 years At least!

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I think the last time I broke a string was March '09, on my first set of strings. I've had strings break on 3 other occasions, but two were from my idiot of an ex-lead guitarist messing with my guitars while I wasn't looking, and in one case I used the bathroom and came back to find my high E broken, no idea how since I was home alone at the time. o_o I love .12s, they, like, can't break. =D
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
was tuning the high e, .... yeah, not the coolest way to break a string i know -.-
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Over 20 years but, I am sure I jinxed my self and will break one next time I play.

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I was going to tune down half a step but didnt know hoy. So I looked up on the net and said to but my capo on fret 1 and tune to EBGDAE. Me being clueless (and stupid) did that and the first string broke Lucklel I had a spare set
Couple months ago, had just put a new set of 13-54s on it for Drop C, and I was turning the high string down to D, and it snapped. I was pissed because it was a dumb mistake because I didnt pay attention to how it wound around the tuner.
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a couple months ago actually didnt have money for new strings and i had a new guitar with a new Floyd.. you can probly tell where it goes from there
About two years ago i was just wailing on the low E with poor picking technique knocking it out the saddle twice is a good sign to stop, now my picking technique is far better.
It was maybe a year and a half ago, a couple of months after I started to play. And it was stange since I was slowly loosening the B string when it snapped.
Three weeks ago. New strings, sharp burr on a saddle. B string snapped at the bridge. Not during play, or tuning, just putting tension to the string. No big deal really. It was a used guitar, and was well-used at that.
Never broke one playing, just re-stringing. When I used to not know how to re-string, it was so sloppy and had no slack that it would snap a lot.
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I haven't broken one in the nine years i have been playing, however i have broken one when i set my old guitar on fire XD
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Over 20 years but, I am sure I jinxed my self and will break one next time I play.

no ****ing way.
like a month ago.
I break strings like every 2 months or so.

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About 3 or 4 years ago
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I've had 2 occasions of breaking strings, and they were about a year ago. The first was when I bent my high E too far, and the second was changing the strings on my acoustic, I snapped the high E. So both incidents were the high E string
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no ****ing way.

Yep it has been over 20 years since I broke a string.Believe it or not it is true.As an added bonus I only change strings once a year maybe twice if the mood strikes me.I hate the sound of new strings.

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last time i broke a string was... a few months ago? like, 5 or so? it was my A string. it snapped at the core, but the winding was still in stact, so, i had to finish the song we were playing in octaves (i play rhythm in my band). luckily it was practice, not a show. anyways, it snapped I think just cause they were really old strings. i had'nt restrung that guitar for 9 months before it had snapped and I hadn't played it for 7 of those 9 mnths, then I started regularly using that guitar for my band because of the tuning we use, so i guess it wasn't really ready for my playing. I should've restrung it. lol
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2-3 weeks ago or so. For some reason it was the A string this time.
Last time I broke one it was on my acoustic when I was tuning to an insane Goo goo dolls open tuning.
Otherwise Its always either the B or e strings on my Electric that snap during string bends and the like.
Today, haha.

Also my first time breaking a string. It was during tuning... beh. Was done (floyd) and for some reason just hit the tremelobar to increase tension. The bam, D string broke. Right at the string lock part, so it wasn't such a big deal. Could use the same string. Also was the first time messing with the strings with a floating bridge. Wasn't that big of a deal actually.
The bridge isn't leveled correctly anymore though.. No idea why. It's all tuned standard, just like before.. oh well..

Acoustic guitar string broke about a month ago. Not even while playing. Just happened over night. Strings had not been changed for over 7 years, so no real surprise there. Had to happen some day :p
last week, i was fingering an A minor, and i broke the G.

OT: i tuned up from open D, and the 1st string snapped. i was pissed off. i dont like changing strings.
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The last time I broke a string was about a year ago. I was at my friend's place jamming along to an Anthrax album, when my E string snapped and popped out.

My friend said, "Jeez, I told you not to pick that aggressively??"

He was right.

last nite

they were fresh strings too

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A couple weeks back, I was (ironically) restringing a guitar. I was extremely tired though so I pulled it too much while tuning and it snapped >_>.

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Prob about 6 months, I was tuning my guitar with a bigsby and I just completly F'ed up and i snapped it.

Last time I snapped one while playing was about 3 years ago, I put down a massive bend on some squier, I then got whip lashed by the string and it cut open my arm
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I've actually never broken a guitar string, ironically enough I've broken bass strings... but that was because I was trying to tune a 6 string bass to a guitar.. didn't go well.. x.x
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its always the A or the high E string that break on me about every 2 months or so...
and always when im in the middle of something AWESOME!
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Haven't broken a string yet ever since switching to 12-56 gauged strings. I'll end up changing them before I break them.
I thought breaking strings was a lot more common! I'm amazed at the dude who hasn't broken one in 20 years! I break them fairly regularly when playing. I play 10-52 standard tuning and have broken every string at one time or another. The most common string I break is the 4th. I change my strings every month or sooner if required on all my guitars. Most recent string break was last Wednesday night 3rd string during a bend at the 2nd fret on my Strat. However, I have never broken one while re-stringing.
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