It makes for very pleasant listening, I really like your sound. I'd say it's something along the lines of Martha and the Muffins/ The National/ The Cure. Your vocalists voice wafts nicley over those adorably clean and slightly delayed arpeggiated riffs, the simple yet effective driving bass and the ever interesting drumline. Keep up the good work :-D
Being as you mentioned the magic word for me, Grunge, I gave this a listen and whilst I personally wouldn't describe it as Grunge it is still very good listening. I enjoyed both the songs on your MySpace page.

My only criticism is the drums sound like they are programmed in software, which may actually be the case but I see you have a drummer listed in your band line up.

Still it is very good music.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
hey guys, thanks for the comments and critiques. As for the drums, to clarify, the name "Cheryl Roland" is a combination of HArry MAson's daughter in Silent Hill and the manufacturer of the drum machine we use. We are looking for drummers, but until then, we're stuck with a Dr. Rhythm. I (the guitar player) program all the drums, and I feel that they are the weakest part, so no worries there.

We're gonna be adding a couple of new tracks soon, and I'll post here when they're finished. Thanks again.
ah ha!! thats brilliant I just noticed the name. love the SH reference, genius! Hope the looking for a drummer goes well, don'y know about where you live but where I am they are a rare breed and we feel lucky to have the one we do.

I shall look forward to hearing the new tracks. Sorry if my above words sounded harsh they weren't meant to as I really did enjoy your music.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
Quote by Mithaearon}
Sorry if my above words sounded harsh they weren't meant to as I really did enjoy your music.

Nope, didn't sound harsh, it was good you brought it up actually. People would start thinking we either had a really awesome drummer, or a really terrible one haha. I'll be uploading the new tracks today or tomorrow, will make a note on this thread when they're done, and I'm glad you liked it. I was honestly expecting some negativity here, given our style. We're from Southwest Virginia, and the only thing people like here are teh br00tz and acoustic folk singers.
same here in Ormond Beach (smaller part of Daytona Beach, FL), only minus the folk singers. Its hard to get noticed without being a deathcore or anything "-core" band. No offense to them tho, i was in one myself for awhile, and some of the guys are pretty cool, but the genre is just getting too saturated.
Female-fronted bands unite! I really dig your stuff, and F(x) is a great name for a band. Good guitar parts and vocals for sure. Try hooking up with someone who has a good knowledge of mixing, it will really help you guys find your sound in your recordings. Keep me updated on your stuff for certain! If you would check out my band and leave some feedback in our thread that would be sick.
facemelt365: it means deathcore, metalcore, all that metal-y stuff. comes from everything in metal about being brutal.

ForeverInUtero: I know man, trying to find a niche here is impossible. I actually really like most metal, but I just don't want to play it at this juncture. Maybe we can hook up for a tour sometime?

Windwaker: thanks for the feedback, I C4C'd. I agree about the mixing, as of right now, we're recording on a BR-600 and I'm pretty much doing all the producing and engineering myself, and I have little to no experience in any of that. I'm hoping that when the EP drops on Halloween, we'll get some money together to hire an engineer to re-record our songs.

Speaking of the EP, when we release it, all the songs will be available for free download on myspace for one day. I'll post and let everybody know something then. Updates will be soon!