I'm planning on building a guitar for myself that I want to make perfect for me and I have a lot questions regarding various subjects on building.

I plan on having a H/S/S superstrat shaped guitar ( In process of building) and I want to have a fernandez sustainer single coil in the neck. some of my questions on this subject are,
1. Is this neck pickup a decent one for lead tones and general shred?
2.What middle pick-up what would be a good one for a clean, warm, chimey tone?
3. What is a good bridge pick-up for metal but has clairity for chords with a decent amount of gain on top?

What are good custom shops for necks that won't break the bank?
I would try building one but I don't have the necessary tools to do so.
I am looking for an Ibanez style neck with a maple fretboard.

I want to have this thing built for shred so I was very curious on peoples thoughts on trying to make the strings have the least amount of friction points. Cause I was going to get roller saddles, string trees, and possibly a nut, can someone share their opinion on these?

Are the generic locking tuners from Guitar fetish of decent quality?
Locking tuners

What would be a good drop in for a standard strat trem?

I want to have a piezo pickup in this guitar and would like to know of different options. I always thought that it was a bar like pickup that you place at the top of your tremolo but I can't seem to find any like that.

I was looking at the ghost tech saddles but it would seem like a whole assload of work to have a sustainer which has a pbc board and then a piezo with a pbc board, plus having two 9-volts would be a pain.

Also my budget for parts is about $1000

Any help is appreciated, Kyle
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