Hey guys! :P Been searching around for this for hours now, and I thought if UG can't answer it, then no-one can!

I've been looking around for a certain style of Slide Guitar, which is the style used throughout Nickelback's "Good Times Gone", however all I can find is the traditional Blues style of playing Slide Guitar.

The style I'm looking for is the slow, desert-y sound. Dragged out and melodic. If you don't know the Nickelback song, you can hear it HERE

Many thanks guys, I'm dying to find an artist that commonly uses this style of Slide guitar!
Sounds like some kind of volume type swells mixed in the song along with the slide. Jeff Beck does that sort of thing.
I'm familiar with a lot of slide techniques, and not so much with modern electronics. Sounds to me though like it's being run through some sort of effect. Possibly just the volume pedal as Earthrug says, but I seem to detect a bit of chorusing going on.
Any hint in the album notes?