These kinds of things. Example would be in the Ride The Lightning solo harmony part, or towards the end of the Fade to Black solo.

So is there a special name for these kinds of parts in solos or are they just normal pull offs and just called pull offs?
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It's just short, quickly repeated licks. No technical term for them, but very commonly used in solos. Especially my boy KH
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Minor triads?
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this is an arpeggio
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Minor triads?

+1 kind of,

its a repeating minor arpeggio, that particular one you posted is an A minor arpeggio
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+1 kind of,

its a repeating minor arpeggio, that particular one you posted is an A minor arpeggio

this is why i wish i payed attention in music theory class.
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Yah, its pretty common in kirk's playin. I like using two or three at a time! I never took a leeson or had a teacher but did use youtube. Check out Kristopher Dahl's Kirk Hammet Lesson on Youtube, he's a wack job but he started me playin lead! Near the end there's a whole section on these kid of arpeggios.
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