Can you check out the cover of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) on my profile? I know it sucks, but I want criticism, not "you suck. Drop the guitar". And with vocals, i'm no singer. I just sang for the fun of it.
Try practicing to a metronome - it will help your timing & groove a lot. Also, don't rely on tabs alone - some of the sections sounded pretty far off the original, and if you'd listened/ played along to the track you would have been able to tell straight away. It's not an easy piece to get right, but props for giving it a go!
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@vinnie Yeah I know, its a realitivley old one as well, the gear I used sucked for recording, and I can't sing.
@Sonny Sam..well, pretty much the same as above ^^^ I didn't use tabs. Well, I used what I remembered from tabs for the riff. For the solo, I just screwed around.