So my first question is, under the performance notes for the song, it says "how would the melody sound harmonized with an Am7 chord?" And gives a picture of the chord. But the chord given isn't an Am7 like it says.
Tuning is gCEA, so the notes are ACEC with that fingering. Shouldnt there be a G note to be an Am7?

And my second question is, disregarding the incorrect fingering, how do I maintain the melody and do chord substitutions like it suggets? Why was an Am7 chosen? Should I pick a chord according to the key (G)? G Am Bm C D Em Fdim?

How do I keep the essence of the song when I replace chords? Do I just keep a few "key" notes and go from there? How would you go about the suggestion?

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You're right - that's not an Am7 ... leave the last string open and you'll have one.

I'd look at this as a pedal idea, just changing the pedal of the G to Am7 and playing the extensions the same, but with Am7 as the pedal where all the other smaller melodic extensions are connected.