So recently I've hit a dead end as far as my solo writing is concerned, so I'd like any of you to share some of your favorite licks, whether they're home-written or from a song.

Thanks guise.
my licks are my chldren! i would never give them up
also i dont feel ike typing them out righjt now theyd probably be incorrect in my current state
let me try one out here
its the only one i could think of rigt now
This is from Dream Theater's The Best Of Times:

    T T  T  T  T T  S S  S S  T  T T  S S

It's in 3/4 time. Not too difficult but I like how it sounds.

T= sixteenth note triplet
S= sixteenth note
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This one I like to do a lot play it in in form (ie, legato, tapped, picked, etc), on any string.


And another tapping lick I just made up today which u can feel free to play on any string.


We should create a new thread like a lick of the day. I know that would help out people a lot!!!!!