is there actually a sound difference between these tubes or is it just advertising hype??

cuz i was looking into a used Framus Cobra and I assume the tubes are almost lifeless by now, so I guess its just wise to retube it... But I was hoping to re-bias the amp to either all 4 poweramp tubes being 6l6 (as you prolly guessed they're originally el34s), or HOPEFULLY (some how) bias it to: 2 el34s AND 2 6l6s (the Mesa Roadking inspired me here).
Yeah. But the same can be said for DAR amps and other amps which use "weird" tubes...dammit I want a pair of KT120s..I might blow up my amp and burn my house down, but at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory
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There are sound differences between different brands of tubes.

And no, you couldn't put 2 6L6s and 2 EL34s, at least as far as I'm aware.
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