Hey all. Been a while.

Ive been looking at upgrading my gear for a while now - I have a 4 string Cort, a Behringer Bass head... I know, woo.... and an Ampeg ABM1510 with a broken sub. lol.

First off, Im looking at making a custom guitar.
I have a body from a Yamaha 4 string - I think its worth about $400, no idea about model, electronics and all still in the body - and I was looking at getting a Maple neck for it. 24 Fret, if possible.

I was wondering what advice you'd have for someone to make a custom. I feel confident doing it, as Ive mixed and matched pieces of body before, but Ive never made a custom before.

So... any advice? lol.
Well if you need a neck, you should measure the neck pocket first. You don't want to buy an aftermarket neck and not have it fit correctly. Bear in mind you may end up having to build your own neck.

Make sure you have all the tools you'll need. You don't want to do the job with the wrong tool.

Are there any specific questions you have? Some of us here will be able to help you, but GB&C will be able to give you some stellar advice as well.
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