LOVED IT! The only complaint I seem to have is that the intro was way to long and that the distorted riffage was WAAYYY to short. Recording quality is the best I've heard on this sight, especially the drums, is that real or programed? It sounds very organic. I'd like to see this turn into an actual tune. I might check out some more of your stuff later. Wicked man. Keep it up.
Listening right now. I like the riff, though it gets a bit predictable towards the end. The drums were great - definitely not what I had expected, and they sorta' added a new layer to the piece. I think that the first part goes on for a bit too long, though - bring in the riffage sooner, and then build on from there. If you want to develop it, I suggest adding a nice lead over the riffing part.

Soundwise, it's awesome. Good tone, good mix, good synthesizer sounds, and so on

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Thanks for the listen guys. I'm using Steven Slate Drums EX, I spend a lot of time making drum kits and this is one of my favorites. I forgot to mention, this piece isn't finished. Once it is, the intro will seem proportionate. I'm using an Epiphone SG w/ EMGs for the riffage, it's a kickass guitar. I plan on continuing this piece and I may take your advice Nashag. I'll get to both your profiles later today.

Thanks again for the listen!

This is an excellent start to what will be an awesome song! I really liked the shaker in the intro, it added to an already great soundscape. The only thing that seems off was the volume of the bass in the heavy part. I think if you're gonna have it so loud in the mix, it should at least change up what's being a played a bit to add some variety so it doesn't just repeat the same slide the whole time. I'm really looking forward to hearing this expanded to a full song.

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Let's party.
Hey dude,

I really like the intro, the droning notes in the background are cool, give it an almost eastern vibe.
The phasing, echoy effects on the lead bit are cool too.

Riff is good, tone is a little thin I think (could be my headphones).
You could probably make the strings (?) that come in louder in the mix, they give it an epic feel.

Other than that nice job, cool idea for a song and I think if you keep going it will turn out great.
Reminds me of scarsick era pain of salvation (a good thing).

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