Just so you know first off, this isn't me bitching about my life, I have a genuine inquiry for fellow UGers.

Okay, so, at this point in my life, I feel completely screwed. I'm 20-years-old, but I don't have a job, a car, or a High School diploma. I was homeschooled by parents who didn't know jack about how to teach (though they tried), at one point I tried doing math, but it just didn't take. Now at this point, I tested at a third grade level... I passed the other areas of the GED other than math, which is holding me way back.

I even did tutoring, and I was diagnosed with dyscalculia, which is like dyslexia with numbers. Not even tutoring worked, so...

The days are passing me by and I've hit a wall -- they said they can do workarounds for the GED, like more time or whatever, but that's not the issue, I just simply cannot do math.

I just wanted to ask: Am I the only one who feels stuck in life? It feels silly that because of one subject, I am inevitably going to be homeless one day.
That genuinely sucks. If I were you, I'd keep trying to get a GED, and perhaps college education, and DEFINITELY get a job and be the hardest worker you can be. My dad isn't even a high school graduate and is the vice president of a construction company. Luck had to do with it, too, but the point is don't let a lack of education hold you back.
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That genuinely sucks. If I were you, I'd keep trying to get a GED, and perhaps college education, and DEFINITELY get a job and be the hardest worker you can be. My dad isn't even a high school graduate and is the vice president of a construction company. Luck had to do with it, too, but the point is don't let a lack of education hold you back.

Yeah... thanks. But I've been trying forever... I literally get a headache when I try to do math at a certain level; it's like my brain is telling me that I simply can't do it. I was taught some techniques to get through problems, but they just don't work.

Most people envy celebrity lives, but I genuinely envy people who go through school, get their diploma, and go through college, and live a modest lifestyle. I would give anything for that opportunity.
hell yea i feel screwed.

if i dont make it as a musician im royally ****ed.
I don't have much to input, but just know that there are people out there that feel for you, man. :/

All I can say is just keep trying.
Meditate man, I think that theirs probably something else you can give. Philosophy?
Thanks for your support. Seriously. There's not a lot of forums where you could post your problems and they wouldn't verbally rape you.

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hell yea i feel screwed.

if i dont make it as a musician im royally ****ed.

I know how you feel... I'm thinking about just spending like, 18 hours a day playing guitar and becoming amazing.
I'm glad I read this. It made me realize that I have it easier than some people even though life is stressful right now. Just keep your head up and keep trying. Good things happen to people who keep trying. The only losers are the ones who gives up. I don't know if this will make you feel better, but I have a friend who didn't graduate high school and worked at a Pizza Hut as cook and delivery. He's the manager now because of his hard work and makes enough to have a car and his own apartment and be able to pay the bills. He's even planning to save to go to college and get his degree in management. Best of luck to you.
Well your hope is that dyscalculia has a workaround like they've found with dyslexia. If you can't get through it, you may need to develop salesperson-type charismatic behavior. My psych teacher's ex-husband is a highschool dropout and makes $150,000 a year.

I guess my point is: look around. There's other opportunities than "high-school to college to career." I hope this helps dude.

You are obviously musical in some way, some people just don't take to academics. Look into music college or guitar tutoring. Hell im pretty bad at guitar when it comes down to it (im a bassist really) and even I taught guitar for a bit and got pretty good money just teaching the basics to people.
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OP reminded me of "what's my age again" by Blink182.

Have you thought about becoming a teacher?
You could teach english, history, music, etc. You would need a teaching diploma but you wouldn't need math.

Think more outside the box and you can have good carreers that aren't math based.

I feel for you man, good luck
I don't know, man. There's gotta be something someone can do to help you get by the GED. When people have dyslexia the public system is supposed to provide all the special support they need and shit. I know dyscalculia (sp...) is probably more rare, but I'd look around for like a group or something with others in the same problem and see how they overcame it.

And you might be able to go to a community college without a GED or anything, just make sure theres no math required. Practice and improve your skills in other areas.

Also, one of my professors told me a story of how one of his buddies was kindof the slacker/troublemaker in HS and he ended up dropping out because he didnt think education was right for him. Well he joined the army and applied to a college in California or something and got his Bachelors while the army payed for most of it. Then he went on to graduate school and continued saving money/getting funds from the army. I think he ended up being a doctor or something, all while not even having a GED, and when he finally went home years later his old teachers couldn't believe how far he'd gone.

Hope that story helps. And no I'm not an army recruiter and neither is my professor, thats just what he told us.
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Prolly not the best name to choose.

Anyway, Ts, if you keep telling yourself you can't do it then your not going to be able to do it, so stop being negative and tell yourself to push through it and get that GED. And don't give me excuses cause you have some made up mental problem, find a way around it, just because blind people can't see doesn't stop them from getting around and about. Just because a guy lost one of his legs in a war doesn't stop him from running a marathon, just because someone lost everything they have doesn't stop them from trying again and becoming more successful.

Damnit, this is America, land of the free, home of the brave, we can do anything we want to if we just put our minds to it, avoid laziness, be charitable, and better ourselves by helping those around us through our own free will. Push with all your might and your hard work will pay off in the long run, have faith that you will reap the fruits of your labor, cause without faith then we have nothing.

Hang in there TS, you'll get through this.

Job fairs, job corps, GED, maybe some volunteer work so you can have something to impress your employer when they ask about your work history.
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I'm not sure how it is in Ohio, but here in Utah, there is a Job Corps that has a high school and one that doesn't, so you should probably look into that.

Also, if they are anything like the one I went to, you can get your high school credits super fast.

My friend got all 24 credits in about a year.
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try your hardest, and keep trying your hardest. never stop. once you pass and get your GED make sure you know how to do basic math and things with numbers, then I'd suggest not going into any jobs where you have to do major math
If your confident enough and with god charisma you can start giving guitar lessons like it was mentioned before to give you a start. In the process anything can happen, a new job opportunity, a contract with a small school, luck if theres such.

never lose faith on yourself or mind what others think about you because you can't do math well or have a proper high school tittle
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If you can't get your GED, here in Canada you can apply to some colleges as an adult student without one, depending on the program.
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pretty much avoid job areas with high math (like a teacher). Try to work your hardest and remember, its the effort that counts
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