Ive been seeing the name pop up like crazy lately with rave reviews comparing them to Ec-1000's, Epi and Gibson Lp's and the like. Most say the quality surpasses that of the lower end gibsons (studio) and blow Epi' completely out of the water.

So my question. Can anyone here attest to this? I want to get into more classic rock and blues playing, and I want a les paul copy to do that. I have an EC-1000 but its the EMG model, not quite suited for those playing styles.

Would the Agile Al-3000 or 3100 be worth my money?
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almost certainly it would. Agiles have been around for a while and are widely considered extremely good value for the money. they might seem cheap, but Agiles are generally of very high build quality, unless you get a lemon (which happens rarely, though you can just exchange). you can buy new from a guy named Kurt (i think?) at rondomusic.com. also very reasonable to change the pickups at that price point. i'd definitely look into one, there are reviews around the net (HarmonyCentral for instance) if you want more GAS.
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I've tried a few, they are definitely a bang for the buck.
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Haven't tried one, but I really want one. I'm probably going to get one the 3000 series within the next couple of months.
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This might help you out, a lot of folks on here chat up about Agile all the time. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=651413&highlight=Agile+Guitars
Also, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/search.php?searchid=5131454

BTW, it doesn't blow away the Gibsons or Epis. You won't mistake an Agile for a Gibson; however, you may prefer one over an Epi or a Gibson due to finances, availability, etc.

I have an Agile Reaper. I can't talk about the AL models, but I love my guitar. I have had it for about two years and it has given me zero problems. EDIT: Other than the Floyd limits my ability to change tunings more often but that's my fault for buying a guitar with a Floyd.
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I don't see how you could take a 3100 over a Gibby studio (the Gib is just a better guitar all around) but I could see how you could take it over an Epi.

Ya they're good guitars but they're really not any cheaper than an Epi of the same quality. I find Epi LP standards on ebay for 250$ and some MIJ ones for like 400-500.

I really like the idea of buying a 200 dollar Agile 2000 as a starter guitar however...

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I got a friend to buy an AL-3000. It's not a bad guitar, but better than Gibson? Hell no. Not even better than a higher-end Epiphone. It's a lot of fanboyism talking when I hear that.

If you're outside of the US, it's not even a good deal for them.
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Does anybody here have any opinions on the Douglas guitars they sell on Rondo Music?
I have read a few reviews here and there and they seem good, Im just wondering if anybody on the forum has any experience with them
I am getting this for Christmas

I didnt mean to thread jack, but I figured it would be easier to post here rather than starting a new topic
Can't really give a personal review on them, as I've not played an Agile, but I'm planning on getting the Agile Septor 627 pro.

But from what I've heard on here, Youtube, and many other sites, Agile is a really good guitar company. They have a video of a guy testing a Agile against a Gibson Les Paul, and the Agile sounds alot better.
With electronic and hardware upgrade a AL-3100 will rival a Gibson easily. After the upgrade it will cost you around 700~800 buck, though. Still worth it!

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Thanks for the responses guys. Very seriously contemplating asking for a 3000 for christmas and throwing a Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge and maybe a breed in the neck. Would the pots and all the wiring need upgraded? I thought the 3000's had braided us wiring in them
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I have an Agile AL-3100 and I must say, the build quality is amazing for the $300 I payed for it. It surpasses the $300-400 Ibanezes at my local shop and an Epiphone (not sure of the model but it was red and had bare nuckle pickups in it) I played at guitar center.

MOST Agiles do, however, need a good setup (the whole works: action, intonation, truss rod adjustment, etc...) and while the stock pickups are nice, you may want to replace them.

My final verdict? Go for it.
i think they match a gibson in everything except sound. I have one of their 2000 models. It plays and feels exactly like my friend's Gibson LP Standard. It sounds like a** though. I would change the pickups and stuff on it, although it still probably wouldn't really match up. I've never put more than two or three hours on it in the three years i've had it. I would think about it first. Just my opinion.