Hey everyone, recently my rhythm guitarist lost his guitar to a thief and was looking forward to me helping me with a search for a new one. He played a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR and really liked the feel of it. Does anyone know what kind of neck a Hellraiser has, and what would feel similar to it?

Thanks a bunch.
The neck feels nice for metal playing, I don't like to play jazz much on mine though, but if you get one try out the 18v mod on it. Doing the 18v helped my cleans sound nice imo, and the high gain sound is a little better. I'm about to replace mine and put it on backline with either a custom built Guiteirrez or Woodo. I'd say play on it first because everyone is different. It's really thin, but I find the neck comfortable.

EDIT: I only use it for C# standard tuning which it handles really well.
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To me schecter's have a little thicker of a neck, more so than an ibanez or jackson. An epiphone or gibson would feel pretty close.