Well not quite new, it's a collection of songs I did over the summer that I've been planning to put on an album. If you like Mastodon and other prog bands, I think you will enjoy it (I hope lol) Recorded the whole thing with EZ Drummer and Amplitube with the exception of the last track, in which I used my new Spider Valve. I also do C4C, so please post a link and I will swing by and give a listen. Hope you like it!

That was awesome. I'm so impressed with the tone you got with amplitube. My only complaint is on the 3rd song Secrets Beneath Sands and Above Clouds. I noticed a part was a tiny bit out of tune, and I wasn't crazy about the tone on this song. It seemed a little loose, it sounded fine with the drums, but when it was playing by itself, it needed a bit of tightening up.

Overall, I really liked it. It was very creative, it was totally progressive but still maintained a good flow and groove. I would totally buy this album.