Methinks it is time to get new tubes for my Blackheart considering it's getting close to 3 years old, has put up with PLENTY of abuse (aka playing time), and still has the stock crappy Chinese no-name tubes in it. Quick question though: what would be some good tubes to replace with that would open up the gain a little bit more and give me a chimier clean sound?
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off the top of my head?

I would stick with JJ EL34 power tubes or maybe Tung Sol or TAD.

Is there anything you want to change about your tone now?

Chinese tubes these days are actually not that bad. With all the name changes lately it is hard to tell what is what. If you want a darker/rounder preamp tone go with JJ high gains 12AX7 or the Sovtek, Shuguang, Penta, varieties. If you end up needing more brightness look into a Tung Sol for your V1 first position preamp tube. They can brighten a gloomy day big time

have fun!

also buy from here: