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I guess 90's-present.
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Like someone from any decade who can't be arsed.
I wear jeans n a shirt with sneakers. I win.
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i would say mid 90's, maybe a mix of socal and metal. jeans, dark t shirt, maybe an open button down shirt, boots or skate shoes.. just your average every day guy.
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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
late 80's early 90s.

Jeans, t-shirts, unbuttoned/ partially buttones dress shirts over, fedora
Have a good one,
i dont have a style. but im leaning towards the 80's metalhead
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torn jeans, heavy metal band(normally from the 70's-80s) shirt...

I dont know. I wear whatever the hell I want to without thinking about what era/style it is.
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I don't even know...

Some days i do the death metal band tee with a pair of jeans, and then the next day i'll dress like a motherfuckin pirate.
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I have a feeling I'm pretty hip, because my daughtert buys my clothes, but I really have no idea. I don't care.
Originally Posted by MortifiedLizard

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
Just a T shirt, jeans, and casual shoes.

Not really an era to it.
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brot pls

Skinny jeans, collared shirts, Polo sneakers.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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T shirt, jeans, running shoes, and a hoodie if needed. I just dress like an average teenage guy, no decade in particular.
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Current and almost always business casual. I don't own a pair of jeans right now- my last two pairs got too ripped up and I haven't had a need to replace them yet. I can't remember the last time I wore a T-shirt outside of home. I enjoy dressing up.
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open plaid shirt with a band tee underneath, and some jean shorts, and converse.

so 90s i guess?

Edit: Just saw TS's picture, and thats basically what i wear, except my plaid shirt is green
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black jeans, black band t-shirt, black and white chuck taylors. occasionally a cotton button shirt undone overtop

so i'd say 80s/90s
Loose/baggy jeans, t shirt, usually my Etnies and a button up.

I guess it's skate style - I never really switched it up since I ditched boarding.
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I work from home, at night, and ride my motorcycle so jeans a tee's until winter comes. Then I wil be wearing, Base layer, long johns, midlayer, boarding pants, boarding jacket, heavy socks, with snowboarding boots which will be attached to bindings purposely attached to a snowboard, gloves, goggles, and a beanie.
Mainly 90's with a splash of 00's.

Though I do like retro shirts.
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I wear a black band shirt, jeans, chucks, and a plain old baseball cap everyday.
Not a hat with the brim flat and the sticker left on it; i'm not 'gangster'.
Just a hat.
Occasionally a beanie.
I tend to not try to identify what I wear with a certain decade. Often though I end up wearing buffalo plaid button up t-shirts, older jeans, whatever, and I guess that's 90s Seattle grunge or something. I like v-neck tees though as well, I suppose that's a relatively new phenomenon.
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no clue what i dress like, but normally im wearing a sleeveless shirt, or i buy a normal t shirt and cut the sleeves off, and black jeans with a few holes worn into them here and there, and sometimes shorts. and i wear boots and a denim jacket too.

i also wear a cowboy hat often.

so im not sure what decade i dress like.
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Like I'm too lazy to get past jeans and a Tshirt. Oh wait. I am usually.
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I dress like a bum so I have this 'je ne sais quoi?' vibe going for me.

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I dont know really. Just normal sandals and a toga mostly. Im guess im just your average guy from 50 BC.
I wear whatever I find comfortable, but still pretty stylish. If I could I would totally dress like an 80's metalhead and a new waver. Yeah I'm pretty cheesy.
Like i did in high school.. where everyone was copying Panteras "style"
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2nd century. **** yeah, Romans

You wear a toga?

I usually just wear jeans and a tank top. If it's hot out then it's jean shorts and a tank top. I'm too lazy to care about what I wear.
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