I love em.

most people ive talked to liked the movie and not the music, but had only heard 666 and metal on metal.

is there any other anvil fans out there who have actually heard more than 2 songs from the band?

heres some of my favorites.

Free As The Wind - Epic Metal Anthem are the only words that can describe this. these lyrics speak to me on a huge level

the all so epic metal ballad of Kiss Of Death

Hero By Death - very slow and epic as well, i cant help but think of Dimebag when i hear this

Doctor Kevorkian - very thrashy with a kirk hammett-esque solo

listen to some of these(especially free as the wind) and tell me what you think of anvil now that youve heard some more than just metal on metal.
Great, great, great band. Though I'm sure there's a thread already on 'em
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Great, great, great band. Though I'm sure there's a thread already on 'em

i searched and didnt find one
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ah, i did this

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didnt realize you could search in individual categories.

edit: either way all of the responses to those are "who?" or "yea ive heard of them."
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