Okera was founded by Jayme in the later months of 2006, purely as a studio side-project. As time went on, the project became more serious, and in mid 2008, the line-up as it is today was completed. We've been playing gigs since mid 2009, and have shared the stage with other local talents Be'lakor, Arbrynth, Rainshadow, Wood of Suicides, Obsidieth and AMDBL, Orpheus. Our music is melodic death / doom metal rooted in progressive rock, with melancholic overtones; and dark, subtle nuances. We are currently rehearsing frequently, playing gigs when they suit; while writing and preparing for our debut album, to be released sometime in 2011.

At present we have a three track demo entitled 'The Black Rain' available for free download.

[Online Demo 2010]

01. The Black Rain
02. Futility
03. Like Jewels in The Sky

Total running time: 26:59
(Size: 56.3mb)

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