i found 2 at good deals. whats the main differences in a parker p-42 and a parkers p-38, tone wise and quality wise?
i have no idea what tone to expect or anything to be honest, but i already have a JEM and a EC-1000, so maybe these are different? and how thick are the necks?
Parker has discontinued its low-end models, so if you want one you should grab it fast. I've only played the P-42, but it was a fine guitar with a good clear tone. It has been loaded with a couple of different humbuckers in its lifetime. The playability for the price was fantastic. If the P-38 is the one I am thinking of, it is the quasi-Telecaster model that has a maple neck and will have a brighter and thinner sound. The quality of both is very good; which is to be expected from Parker guitars. If you ever play one of their high-end models, you will probably be ruined for almost any other solid body electric for the rest of your life. They really are that good. It's a shame they cost a king's ransom.
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Can't tell you much about the differences but I just bought a p-40 a couple weeks ago and it's incredible. The action is the lowest I've ever played and the neck is about the same as a gibson 60's neck, very very nice. How much are you looking to pay for each? got mine for 200$ flat but that might have been a fluke.