I just got my Fender amp back from the repair shop on Friday. I had the input jack replaced because the old one had broken. They also replaced the reverb pan because it had a crackle when the reverb was on.

Anyway yesterday I went and had a jam with some mates and kept feeling little shocks in my left hand at random times... I tried my other guitar and was getting the same thing. I then took over vocal duties when the "singer" got a bit drunk and couldn't get off the couch. I then started getting shocks from the microphone on my lips which hurt a bit.

We all got up this morning and started jamming again. The drummer suggested I wear his thongs because I had been playing barefoot. For the rest of the morning no more shocks!. So does that mean I have some sort of earthing problem in my amp? Just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them before and what the cause was? Thanks.
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Get that equipment fixed before someone gets really hurt! Was the mic connected to your amp as well, or were you holding your guitar while singing?

And yes guys, in Australia we normally mean a certain type of footwear when we say "thongs". Normally.
Thanks. I'll call the guy who fixed it tomorrow and get him to have another look at it. The mic was going through a p.a system and I was playing and singing. A few of the belts I copped on my lips really hurt! Of course it happened when my lips touched the mic the most, but a couple of times my mouth was a inch or so away. It's a real worry! I'm probably lucky it was a warm night here otherwise I would have had shoes on and not realised I had a problem. I wasn't wearing any underwear at all... but I don't think that had anything to do with it.
There is a ground loop somewhere. fix it or you could be killed.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
Well i'm not happy about this at all!! Seems like I paid $300 to get this fixed and i'm lucky to even be here typing this today! I have an appliance tester at work that I will check it with tomorrow and see if it fails the earthbond. Even if it passes i'll still be taking it back to the place that "fixed" it.
It might be the wiring in the house.If the electrical outlets are not 3 prong grounded outlets DO NOT use them. Never bypass the ground on an amp.If the outlets are not grounded hire someone to rewire the joint with a proper ground.Go to a hardware store and you can buy a tester that will tell you if the outlets are wired properly.They are cheaper then a funeral. Electricity is not something to screw with it can and if given a chance WILL KILL YOU!!!

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
It's my friends house so i'm not sure if his outlets are wired up wrong. All power outlets in Australia are 3 prong grounded, as far as I know. I was using the same power board that he had his computer running from. We had another guitar amp a bass amp, electronic drum kit and the p.a. Everything else was plugged into the power in the sitting room and no-one else had a problem. I ran an extension lead from the study for my gear. Maybe the extension lead was reverse polarity? It was one of those piggy back leads and I'm not sure where I got it from. I'm too scared to test it out now in case I get hurt or killed. Is it possible that one of my guitar leads had a problem?, or would that not cause the issues I had? I just don't want to look like a dick if I take the amp back to the shop and there is nothing wrong with the earthing in it! Maybe I should just ask if I can take all the gear I was using into them for testing. I need to get it sorted out especially if it is a problem with the wiring at my mates house.
Dude, no one can tell you what the problem is over the internet. Test it,hire a pro to test the power source, whine at the repair guy or even get killed it is your choice. Electricity does not care who's house it is. You know your options. Choose wisely Weedhopper.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
Ill just take the amp back to shop and get it checked out ASAP. Thanks for the help mate.
Why not try the amp at your house in a known good grounded outlet and see if you get zapped the same as at your friends house. You don't really need to use yourself as a guinea pig for this either, since you said you have a circuit tester. It's a voltmeter yes? If so, black wire to a good ground somewhere then red to any metal part of the guitar when everything is turned on. You should get zero voltage. If you get a reading of any sort, then bring the amp back as there's a ground problem in it.
If nothing, try the same test at your friends house.
Scaling on the tester is important too. It should be set to read volts AC, but if you get nothing on that one, also try the DC volt scale as it may register something. Be on the alert for anything above 1V on either scale.
I took the guitar back to the repairer today. It turns out that the problem was that because I had been using my amp as a bedside table for the past 6 months or so the pins on the plug had oxidised? and a a result I had high resistance to earth. Cleaning the pins with some sand paper reduced it significantly. I took the amp back to work and replaced the 3 pin plug with a new one and did some testing and all is good again!
yeah, amp =/= bed side table
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Obviously there is something seriously wrong here. You should not be getting electric shocks from your equipment. I suggest you take the amp to a repair shop, describe the situation and then ask them to fix it pronto.

Your safety is your number one priority.

it's a grounding issue.
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