I've been playing through Guitar Rig 4, just plugging my guitar into my Fast Track Pro and doing it that way until I can use my SM57. However, anytime I play with anything more than mid-gain, it sounds terrible. I'm thinking this is more to do with the earphones I've been monitoring with using a 3.5mm -> 6.5mm adapter than anything else, so I'm looking for a decent, cheap set of headphones for home recording use. I've heard good things about AKG and Sennheiser, however some of their products are very expensive.

I came across these AKG K44 headphones, are they any good, or should I save up a bit more? If so, what would you recommend? I'd love to stay under about $70AUD if possible.
I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones for AUD$49.99.I don’t have them with me at this very moment and i don’t remember the model number.But they do the job.I use them for recording purposes too.I want to upgrade but for that i’ll need more money.LOL.but yeah Sennheiser’s are usually good.You’ll get a decent pair for under AUD$70!
Hope this helps!
I own a pair of Sennheisers and as long as you don't attempt to blow your ears out they sound great. This is the lower-end option I'm talking about too. I think they were 35 USD.

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Are they for monitoring while recording, or for mixing?

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Are they for monitoring while recording, or for mixing?


I second this question.
Idealy, you should never mix and master on headphones...but tracking with them is fine and for that purpose, I suggest the following:

1) Senn HD280 Pros - Closed design great for working with condenser mics or on drums.
2) Grado Labs SR80 - Great open design headphones with outstanding sound but leak a lot so not a great choice next to a condenser mic.
3) AKG 240 MKII - You see many radio stations use these mics as they are extremely comfortable and accurate...but also leak sound and are around $200...
Just for monitoring, I don't use them for mixing.

I found the HD180s, they're top of my list at the moment.
I found a set of wireless Sennheisers for about $130, can't remember the model name though. Do you think they'd be good? Or is it like guitar wireless stuff, crap unless you shell out some $$$ for them?

While I have you guys here... do you think I should use my SM57 for vocal recording, or get a different mic?
I don't really have the cash for another mic atm... Christmas is coming up though.

Do you know anything about the Sennheiser RS-120 headphones?
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Any cheap wireless is crap, go wired. You could use the 57 for vocals, but if you have the cash, spend a little more on either a 58 or something else as the 57 does pop easily.

Rather than buy a 58 (unless you want one) if you only want it for vocal dubs you could just buy a 58's windshield from a parts shop on ebay or something.

It's essentially the same thing, with a different windshield on, and as far as I'm aware the shield gives the difference in frequency response.
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earbuds are absolutely, absolutely completely trash if you're going to make music with them. They're horrible for listening to music as well imo. The only thing good about them is how conveniently small they are, but other than that they are complete garbage. It cuts the bass really bad.

That's why I get studio quality headphones because if you're going to listen to music, why listen to them with shitty headphones?
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