Hi guys,

My profile has a 4 song synthy rock demo type thing that I've been working on.

It was recorded in Reaper using freeware (except addictive drums) and my POD xt. It is FAR from perfect, e.g drums in the 1st track, bass flubs in the last etc. There are a million little things I'd love to fix up here but my computer has gotten into the habit of crashing since I installed windows 7 and using the pod so I have to wait for a while.

The production side of things is important to me, but I'm mainly looking for feedback on the songwriting itself. Particularly how the 4 tracks fit together themselves, I didn't really write them to be instrumental but I can't sing.

However if you have some great advice about home recording or questions go ahead.

If you have something that I can give some feedback just link me and I'll be glad to help. Also if you live in BRISBANE and don't think this is a complete waste of time let me know
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The Pleasantries: The drums have a unique sound from 1:36 and out. It sounds programmed, but it fits the song. Melody and harmony is really good and simple. Great vibe and mood, I honestly enjoyed this and it's rare that I actually enjoy something here at UG.

Status Anxiety: Wow, dude. This is great! You've got great songwriting skills. I was immediately hooked to this. Awesome beat, bass lines and hard synths. Reminds me of Infected Mushroom, but with less acid. 4:31 - Haha, that's ****ing badass! It could be a soundtrack to a quake or doom game or something! Nice industrial feel there. Only thing here is that the mid/high range isn't well covered which makes it sound muddy, mostly because of the muffled tom-toms (if I'm correct).

I'm not gonna crit more, but keep it up. This sounds great!
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Ok. This is related to all 4 of them.

First off, they sound more like electronic music or alternative rather than rock, at first at least, I'm not sure how you would fit focals in here, I think it's better off instrumental. Also, I believe such a music is great for background music, like when playing some futuristic game, or trying to fall asleep, not because it's boring, because it's sort of rhythmo-hypnotizing. I can't really judge songwriting, stuff I write is usually a lot of instrument= orchestras and that stuff, so I can't really say how impressive this is in terms of songwriting. I can say though that it's very repetative, which might be the point.

Also I think they're better off on their own that a medley. Also you need to do some mixing I hear "Sfsfsfggh" and my headphones get overdriven especially at 4th song.
"The Pleasantries": I hear the bass drum is too loud/distorting at times, otherwise the drums are mostly OK. Some interesting/nice synth sounds. Do I hear a Prophet 5 sound in there? Pretty nice keyboard melodies, but I kept expecting something more would happen. Maybe vocals would help, but if vocals are out of the question, I feel you could add more to it instrumentally. Please review my music at this link: