Just thought I'd throw out a showcase.

Got my new bass yesterday, managed to grab a 1991 Epiphone T-Bird IV. It hasn't been sold since 1991 so, really, I got a goodun.

It's SO comfortable and yes, there is that classic neck dive, but it hasn't been a problem yet. When I play live I used to neck dive my bass when I wasn't playing it anyway.

It's got such a nice feel and is definatly worth adding to anyone's wall.

Nice man, 1991 same year I was born! Is there any difference between this one and the one they sell now? By it hasn't been sold before do you mean it's NOS?
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Yeah, it's NOS.

Urm... I don't think the materials or hardware has changed except I think the Knobs are taller. But they certainly look a bit lighter, they don't have as much black around the outside might be the reason. The bird on the scratch plate is possibly more defined now.

That's all I can think of.