Okay, I wrote this quickly the other day. First time I've written something of the kind.


The vocal lines are only rough melodies based on what I want. Lyrics have not been written, and probably won't be.

yeah, yeah, C4C and all that BS.

Don't take this song too seriously
Don't. Dragonforce suck :P

This was nice. Not my favorite genre but I enjoyed listening and I guess thats what you aimed for so good job :P
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Yeah, I agree. The solo is definitely lacking. Usually when I write solos it becomes a 2 guitar and a synth shred-fest so I don't want to really touch it any more

Thanks for the crit, man!
i liked it , really gave me that happy/epic dragonforce feel !

Allthough the thing i hate about dragonforce is the annoying drums thats just plain boring and the same almost every song , but hey its power metal so i quess it should be forgiven , other than that i loved it , keep it up !

Could you crit The Age of War for me ? its in my sig.
I'm not sure what you mean, but if you are wanting to re-create my song in your own style or something that's fine - Just give credit if you don't mind, and make sure you link me to it - I'd like to hear it!
So cheesy =D

The solo was really lacking. Cheesy power metal is all about the 5 minute guitar+synth solos!

Great stuff, though.
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun
It sorta sounds like it could be a pop punk song lol
Rattle Your Goddamn Head!