Hey guys long time no see =D

I have been busy with school since im in my final year but I have finally had enough time to record and I made these 2 yesterday and today. And will be posting more daily/weekly for a couple weeks. So tell me what you think, also if you have any advice on gear in which could improve my sound quality even further i would be grateful

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1sdBgAsO7k (They Say)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F75BKQ7ne44 (Omerta)

I'm Recording internally atm, but I want to try and record through a microphone and see if that would improve the sound quality. Here is a list of specs

List of Equipment im using atm
Yamaha Audio Interface 3 or 5 can't remember from the top of my head
Roland Cube 30x
Orange Crush 15x
4+ Shure Microphones (They are my Dad's, ill check later on what they are)
Pedal Board- Boss NS-2, Boss ML-2, Boss DS-1, Zoom G2

Acoustic- Ashton CG34 (I think)
Jackson Kelly KE3 (my love <3)
Legacy Emerald Pro
Yamaha Pacifica
Metal is my thing

My Stuff
Jackson Kelly KE3
Legacy Emerald Pro
Yamaha Pacifca
Zoom G2
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