Hey guys,
Recently my teacher gave me a legato excercise to practise and as my legato is "horrible" I need you to clarify me on one thing.
As I am doing 4-3-2-1 excercise with pull offs from 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st fret I noticed that my pinky is accidentaly picking the string that lies below the one I am currently pull off'ing from.
The reason it happens is that I am not playing with a very tip of my pinky cause I never used to. It's just to short to keep it playing with it's tip. At least it used to.
This is how it looks:
I've always been playing using a blue coloured part of my pinky, never the very tip (red coloured part).
But now if I don't use the very tip of my finger, the pull offs triger the lower strings and I dont know how to get behind that.
Should I really learn to play with the exact tip of my pinky? It's so inacurate and I spend most of the practice time on trying to hit the string with exactly the tip what makes me mad as a hatter. (Im not sure whether this expresion was spelled right xD).
Any ideas?
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Just do it, you'll get better when you practice perfectly.
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Atm I cannot hit a string using a tip of my pinky without having to repeat it correctly.
It just WONT comply to my will...
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You don't have to use your pinky. Guys like vai, satriani, and petrucci, they use a lot of stretches and only use their pinky on the fifth and sixth fret of the exercise that you're talking about. Try this but play them as hammer ons and pull offs.


Use your middle finger for the 2nd, and 3rd fret, your ring finger for the 4th fret, and your pinky for the fifth. As you get higher up the fret board, you won't even need to use your pinky, just your ring and middle.
Naaah. I want to be able to use pinky. Especially for the sweeps.
The thing is, it;s not that Im not using the tip of my pinky as I play. I use lower part of the tip of my finger. Get it?
Technically it still is the tip of my pinky, but not as close to the fingernail as it is with other 3 fingers.
Is it okay to remain like that?
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It's best to use whatever is comfortable that works for you. I use my pinky that same way you do, but I have long fingers. If you want to get you pinky to a point where it's strong enough to keep up with your other fingers, do what I do: Trill on the 7th and 9th frets on the B string using only your ring finger and pinky. It will make your pinky stronger, and it will gain some flexibility.
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I want it to be stronger but in this excercise that involves pull offs (4-3-2-1) my pinky triggers lower strings while doing pull off and I wondered whether this is caused by no using the very tip of my pinky or is it something bad in my technique.
Legato is the next thing I am about to do.
(Throughout the holiday break I was working on my right hand and got to sixteens at 160BPM fully relaxed. My teach said that my staccatto is good so now he wants me to get my legato fine aswell so that the combination of both will make a huge impact on my playing. Without good legato my fingers don't keep control over the fretboard. They're weak and they dance up and down controllessly what makes them tense up and as a result I cannot play fast licks. My fingers are also much to slow atm. I am giving you the background so that you could get the idea of this excercise Iam struggling with atm).
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Wow I'm glad you posted this thread, I have the exact same problem/question, and after years of using the blue spot, my pinky joint actually hurts. I would like to know where to hold your thumb and where on your pinky to land on the string to ensure proper technique [for sweeping] is obtained.

It'd be really nice to do Dim7 sweeps perfectly
: )
Theoreticallly your thumb should remain in the middle part of the neck but it doesnt solve the problem.
I'm extremely used to use blue spot while using pinky and it's a torture for me to try force this finger to play using the exact tip of it.
But I fear that it's a nessesity, as rolling is simply impossible if you keep using the blue spot instead of red one (pics in 1st post).
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